Making a drink that tastes of a city
Mr. Gin

Born from the friendship between two entrepreneurs, TheGinGents had one simple goal in mind: making a gin that would be a tribute to the lovely city of Mechelen. That’s how Mr. Gin saw the light of the day, with its subtle floral tones as a hint to the rose garden of Vrijbroekpark.

The Approach

The two founders of TheGinGents are active members of Round Table Mechelen, an organization that brings together entrepreneurs with fresh and innovative ideas to make a positive impact on their community. TheGinGents wanted to ride the wave of the ‘gin hype’ at Mechelen Leeft, a networking event organized by Round Table Mechelen. Because they had already done a lot of research, they proposed to make the gin, offer free drinks during the whole event, but keep the product and recipe to themselves after the event.

This was a dream opportunity to make Mr. Gin known. And we were more than eager to help them to make an unforgettable first impression.

The Design

Everything, from the logo, the labelling, the design of the bottle, to the font type and colour use, was developed from scratch by our graphic to:commer. We also created the logo for TheGinGents, the company behind Mr. Gin.

Our goal was to make TheGinGents and Mr. Gin the perfect embodiment of Mechelen. The logo of Mr. Gin includes a moon, a wink to the inhabitants of the city who are traditionally nicknamed Maneblussers, Moon Extinguishers. The gentleman’s hat, on the other hand, is a reference to Round Table Mechelen, to which the two founders of TheGinGents belong. We also kept this element in the company logo. The choice of colour is no coincidence either: rose is a reference to klaproos in Dutch, the poppy, which is one of Mr. Gin’s ingredients.

The Website

After the success of Mechelen Leeft, Mr. Gin was too good to just stay in the cupboard. With a website entirely designed by to:communication, our goal was to make the product known to the whole wide world. This was also the opportunity for us to train our e-commerce muscle and make the gin and related products available to all gin lovers, at all times.

For Special Occasions

We also helped TheGinGents to design a ‘gin-tap’ for events. It’s the only one in Europe and was developed in collaboration with a famous 3 generation old copper cookware company, Falk Culinair. On top of that, we supported the company in the development of special editions, for Special Olympics, KV Mechelen (first-class football), etc.

The Result

  • 45.000 bottles sold since June 2015
  • TheGinGents is now active in local shops around the greater region in Mechelen, Metro and Makro
  • They are present in 5 one-star restaurants in Belgium; in one of them, CentPourCent, they are even the ‘official gin of the house’
  • They can say the nephew of president Kennedy has one of their bottles in his bar

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